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£2 Million Plus Mortgages

As a specialist mortgage broker, we understand the intricacies of our customers’ situations. When organising mortgages over £2 million, we usually create completely bespoke solutions negotiating all aspects of the opportunity from margins, to arrangement fees and loan to values.

What are the type of solutions we deal with on a daily basis? Read on to find out more.

Income streams

Clients looking to secure a £2 million mortgage often earn in complex or irregular income streams, such as bonuses or share dividends. Clients may be looking for lending against single hedge funds or to limited partnerships. Some lenders don’t accept this type of income or situation, but we work with a huge panel of providers who – with the right proof of income, assets and other assurances – will be flexible.

If clients do earn in lump sums, they often want to be able to pay off large amounts of their mortgage at allotted times without early repayment charges (ERC). That’s also an area in which we can help structure the right deal, tailored to individual circumstances.

Global citizens

A huge amount of our work is international and can include international borrowing, working with foreign nationals living in the UK and dealing with overseas personal guarantors. We also work with clients using overseas assets as leverage for UK borrowing, as well as ex pats and people earning in different currencies.

These situations can be a stumbling block to borrowing more than £2 million, but we have unrivalled access to more than 200 lenders internationally including private banks, boutique lenders and High Street names. On a daily basis, we are brokering international deals in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and we can put together a solution for even the most complex of situations.

Leveraging your portfolio of assets

If you’re looking to secure a mortgage over £2 million, we can look further than just the value of the property. Lenders will look at your whole portfolio, which can include bonds, stocks, shares and pension funds.

Increasingly, we’re brokering deals for clients where other assets are considered as leverage against borrowing – such as yachts, art, cars and private jets. In fact, we have a whole arm of the business which deals in brokering lending for and against these assets – www.millionpluspf.com

Our experience can save you both time and money

Because we’re a specialist broker, we deal with complex situations every day. Our expert team of advisers has built up decades of experience and we expect the unexpected. Every case is a challenge; there is not a tick box approach in our organisation. Quite simply there is an unrelenting drive to find new solutions to ever-changing, complicated scenarios, leading us to increasing numbers of new lending options around the world.

If you’re intrigued to find out more, just give us a call or drop us an e mail and see what we can do. Can we find you a better rate, more advantageous terms or a solution to an issue you have? Give us the opportunity and – like thousands of others – you may be delighted with the outcome.

Changes in the exchange rate may increase the sterling equivalent of your debt.
The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of overseas mortgages

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