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Can I get a million plus remortgage?

Should I consider remortgaging now?

Recent weeks have seen unprecedented economic activity, as Governments a…
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International Women’s Day 2020

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2020 on Sunday, we thought it would…
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Why is protection important when taking out a mortgage?

Why is my Mortgage Advisor talking about ‘protection’? Well, for mos…
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What is a Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgage and how does it work?

The mortgage market is always changing to reflect society and one of the…
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Unusual properties and their many quirks

Clients often approach largemortgageloans.com seeking finance against un…
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Is it time for a ‘Happy New Home’?

The festive season is still in full swing for most of us, but, if last y…
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Three is the magic number for our award-winning team

If you’ve checked your LinkedIn feed recently, you’ll have noticed t…
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How to get a £1million mortgage

Navigating the process of finding the right million plus mortgage to sui…
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What is Lombard Lending?

Lombard lending: How to fund a deposit with assets rather than cash

It’s not always easy to find the cash to fund the deposit on a new hom…
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Brexit - accidental landlords

Could Brexit force the UK into negative interest rates?

Last month Denmark’s Jyske Bank made history by launching 10 year loan…
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