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Large Bridging Loans

largemortgageloans.com specialises in arranging large bridging loans of £50,000 and upwards to help you secure your dream property in a much shorter timeframe.

We can arrange bridging loans for your main home and any additional investment property, with high income multipliers available where required. We can also offer bridging finance on assets, including property purchase, auctions, site acquisitions, refurbishments, tax payments and probate. We consider residential investments and commercial property, land and development sites (with or without planning consent) and can arrange loans on either a first or second charge basis.

We have access to competitive interest rates and can usually get a decision quickly. Because we work with a variety of banks, private lenders and specialist bridging loan providers, we can often help even if you fall outside of normal lending parameters.


How does a bridging loan work?

Bridging finance offers a flexible form of short-term funding to developers who want to plug the gap between a debt becoming due, and the capital becoming available. In urgent circumstances, you can also use a bridging loan as a last-minute, short-term financing solution.

A large bridging loan is usually very quick to organise and can be taken out to speed up the purchase of either a residential, investment or a commercial property. These types of loans can be secured on a first or second charge basis, and they can even be used towards land and development sites that don’t yet have planning consent.

When should you apply for bridging finance?

A large bridging loan may be the best financial option if you are experiencing any of the following scenarios:

  • You wish to buy a property at auction, and you need the funds in order to secure the purchase with the auctioneer
  • You haven’t yet sold your property, and you wish to buy another property before doing so
  • You are struggling to secure a loan with another lender because the property is in disrepair, or needs extensive renovations
  • Your preferred mortgage lender is taking too long to process your application, and you need faster access to the capital

In all these cases, time is of the essence – and bridging finance can help you take back control of your investments if transactions need to be pushed through sooner rather than later.

Are you eligible for a large property bridging loan?

The lending criteria for bridging loans are a lot more flexible than those that are applied to standard mortgages.

You will be able to apply for bridging finance even if you have a poor credit rating, a complex income structure or are over the acceptable age limit for mortgages. Lenders will normally ask that you either currently have equity in your property, or you are able to put down an initial deposit towards the purchase.

The funders we work with look for bridging loans that make good business sense – so even if your enquiry does not fit within perceived normal lending parameters, if the project is logical and viable, we can usually find a bridging loan provider who will be able to help you.

Why ask for help from largemortgageloans.com?

  • We obtain quick decisions for our clients
  • We offer a fast, personal service
  • We provide bridging loans from £50,000 on any asset
  • We have access to competitive rates
  • Non-status loans are available
  • We can help you secure a loan of up to 100% of the purchase price

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our team of specialist property finance brokers today.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate certain aspects of bridging loans and/or finance.

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