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The Mortgage Alliance launches TMA Large Loans

The Mortgage Alliance launches TMA Large Loans

The Mortgage Alliance (TMA) has announced the launch of TMA Large Loans through a strategic affiliation with specialist broker largemortgageloans.com.

TMA has partnered with largemortgageloans.com to offer directly authorised brokers a large loan referral service providing additional support for brokers with clients looking to arrange mortgages ranging from £500,000 through to £50 million.

largemortgageloans.com, a division of Clegg Gifford Private Clients, has a specialist team of mortgage advisers available who have vast experience in creating tailored solutions for brokers and their clients and have access to the whole of the UK mortgage market.In addition to arranging sterling mortgages largemortgageloans.com can also arrange bespoke mortgage deals to meet a range of clients’ needs, whether they are foreign nationals, British expats, UK residents earning in foreign currencies or ‘non-domiciled’ UK residents.

Deals can be secured on a range of assets including private jets, yachts, cars, shares and bonds. The large loans specialist also offers a range of competitive interest rates, low arrangement fees and high LTV’s.

largemortgageloans.com has dedicated a website to TMA members containing all the required instructions and support information. Members can follow a link by clicking on the TMA Large Loans section on the TMA websitewww.themortgagealliance.com. TMA is free to join and this offer is available to all directly authorised brokers.

Phil Whitehouse, Head of TMA, commented:

“The prospect of dealing with a larger than average mortgage may be daunting for some brokers and additional support from a specialist large loans broker could prove invaluable in getting the case through the approval process. We are excited at the prospect of working with the team at largemortgageloans.com to open up a new source of funding to our members. This partnership will not only enable brokers to help win and retain clients but also to provide an additional extra revenue stream option during these tough times.”

Paul Welch, Managing Director of largemortgageloans.com, added:“With the high street lenders making sweeping cuts to their product ranges and criteria, even treating bonuses differently, brokers may be finding it hard to place large mortgage loans at the moment, with a resulting loss in revenue. That’s where largemortgageloans.com aims to help TMA members and their clients.”


For further information please contact:
Phil Whitehouse, Head of TMA – 07917 158284; Phil.Whitehouse@themortgagealliance.com
Scott Philipson, White Dragon Communications Ltd – 07786 226520; scott@whitedragoncomms.co.uk
Paul Welch, managing director at largemortgageloans.com – 020 7519 4900 orpaul.welch@largemortgageloans.com

Notes to editors

  • The Mortgage Alliance (TMA) is one of the largest mortgages clubs in the UK. TMA has over 7,000 members and is specifically aimed at directly authorised intermediaries.
  • TMA works through strategic partnerships and lender relationships – through this work it is able to offer leading mortgage solutions to its members.
  • The key benefits in joining TMA are: access to all major lenders with leading procuration fees; exclusive mortgage deals; fees paid direct by the lender; simple, easy-to-use processes; plus strategic partnerships for conveyancing, lead generation and commercial deals.


  • was the first mortgage broker in the UK to specialise in arranging large mortgages
  • is placing a steady stream of large mortgages, even in the current lending environment
  • has expertise and experience in creating a tailored solution for brokers and their clients
  • caters for foreign nationals, British expats, UK residents earning in foreign currencies and ‘non-domiciled’ UK residents
  • helps find the right foreign currency mortgage for those who are prepared to consider more risk
  • never forgets whose client it is – the broker’s – and guarantees not to cross-sell any other products

The Mortgage Alliance (TMA)
301 St Vincent Street
G2 5HN
Telephone: 0845 605 0067

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