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Can I get a large mortgage with irregular earnings?

When you’re self-employed or work on a performance-based or commission basis, it’s common for earnings to fluctuate based on any number of reasons. Perhaps you’re starting a new venture which requires investment of time and funds. Or maybe external factors are affecting the completion of a deal or project. Whatever the reason, five million Brits are self-employed – representing 15% of the workforce – and many of them will require solutions to help them buy their own homes which they can’t find on the High Street.[1]

Case Profile

Our latest case is a prime example of how we can help people who don’t have a straightforward income stream secure a large mortgage. Our client was a self-employed director of a financial litigation firm, whose income was directly related to the success of each case. Therefore, it was far from the standard terms most mainstream lenders would consider.


Our Consultant Devraj Ray approached a private bank with a proposal, backed up not only with the relevant facts and figures, but supplemented with further evidence such as media clippings to evidence the client’s excellent track record in their field. Having convinced the lender, our client received the green light on their £1.19m mortgage on a 75% interest only, 10% repayment basis, and they’re now happily settled into their period property.

If you’re looking to secure a mortgage and think you might benefit from our help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

[1] https://www.ons.gov.uk

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