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How to protect your mortgage

While your mortgage enquiry is being processed it is also important to consider how you are going to protect it.

What if the worst were to happen, and you found yourself unable to cover your mortgage payments?

What if you were unable to work due to sickness or an accident; what if you were made redundant from your current role, and were no longer enjoying a regular income?

As the mortgage holder, it is your responsibility to ensure you can continue to pay your mortgage even if there is a change in your personal circumstances.

largemortgageloans.com aims to help you find and secure the most suitable mortgage protection product for your current needs and circumstances. We will also identify any shortfalls in your existing cover. With the appropriate protection in place, this will offer some financial security in the case of illness, accident and in the unfortunate event of passing away during the term of your mortgage.


There are three main options available to customers who are seeking mortgage protection:

  • Income protection

This type of insurance policy is designed to provide you with an income during the policy term if you are unable to work. Premiums on the policy should be maintained while the benefit is in payment. The provider will pay a percentage of your regular monthly income during a set period. Depending on the type of cover you have, the benefit will be paid until the end of the policy term, retirement age, or death. The cost of the premium will be impacted by the length of the payment period; talk to our specialists to see what the most suitable option for you is.

  • Critical illness cover

If you are diagnosed with a specified illness, this policy is designed to provide you with a lump sum which can be used for various needs; these may include clearing financial commitments or providing financial support to family. The requirements of any dependants will always need to be factored in to the level of cover you choose, as they will need to receive financial support, too.

  • Life assurance

This policy offers a more straightforward proposition in that it pays a lump sum in the event of death. Again, the money could be used to clear all mortgage debt and/or support dependants and loved ones as they manage your loss.


We have access to a wide range of mortgage protection products that are designed to suit all kinds of investors. We ensure that all of our clients receive the most appropriate mortgage protection cover with minimum delay, and are therefore able to complete on their property as soon as possible.

  • Your mortgage protection application will be treated as a priority, and all paperwork will be completed quickly and accurately to speed up the process.
  • Our team will work to progress your case with your preferred mortgage protection provider if there are any unexpected delays with your application. Our aim is always to ensure that your cover is in place before your mortgage completes, and we will work with all third parties to make this happen.

To take advantage of our protection service call us on 0203 824 0920 or email us at info@largemortgageloans.com

Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Download our guide here: mortgage-protection-guide.pdf

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